Bear Bike Gang Levels

Our bike courses for kids and teenagers cover all skill levels – from beginner to experienced – with professional bike instructors. Use our descriptions to find out which course contents you have already mastered and what can be learned in the next higher level.

Lili - from 3 years

  • Controlled starting & stopping
  • Eight-way cycling
  • Braking in flat terrain
  • Initial experience in the Skill Centre

Beni - from 3 years

  • Controlled starting & stopping
  • Cycling up and down
  • Braking in the terrain
  • Curves in the terrain
  • Cycling over small obstacles


  • Cycling on root and stone fields
  • Lifting the front wheel and relieving/lifting the rear wheel
  • Braking in steep terrain
  • Cycling steep wall curves and ledges
  • Cycling the Hörnli Trail
  • Trail codex


  • Bunny hop
  • Cycling single trails
  • Shifting the rear wheel
  • Drops & whips
  • Bike care and minor repairs

Bike Skala for adults

Here are some tips to help you choose the right course or camp at the Arosa Bike School. So that you can find what suits you best.

If you are not sure which level you should choose. We can help.

Level 1: Beginner

he tours are suitable for people who do not have much bike or e-bike experience yet and are beginners on single trails. The trails are easy with big curves and no particular difficulties. Most of the tour is on hard-packed meadows or stone paths, where simple braking techniques can be practised and applied. Root and rock sections are not to be expected.

Level 2: Beginner+

You’ve discovered your passion for biking and have already gained some experience. Your biking basics are sound and you can ride safely on single trails. Pedalling for 2 to 3 hours has already become a habit for you. Trails with small roots and single stone elements on the path don’t cause you much trouble and you look forward to new challenges.

Level 3: Advanced

You can ride steep and also blocked trails. Technically demanding trails are selected, which require numerous technical challenges from you. The trails can contain loose scree as well as demanding root sections. It’s up hill and down dale and you are at one with your bike. You have no problem pedalling for several hours.

Level 4: Expert

You love your bike and already have several years of experience and  a lot of confidence. There is barely any trail you can’t ride. You are looking for stretches with large boulders and high rises. You can smoothly master jumps, hairpin bends and tricky downhill runs.

  • Safety is always at the forefront of every camp/course offered by the Arosa Bike School.